David Heustess is an artist in Nashville TN and he is creating limited collections in clay and textile arts. He states that he has a love for these materials and simply can't choose just one. Somehow he manages to create  pieces from these three medium and David owes this fact not to time management, but more to the nature of the materials.  When the works in clay need time to rest he moves to beads or fabric; when the fabric or bead piece needs time for him to think through the next step, the clay is ready to continue it's process. As you may imagine, he is never bored in his studio practice. And if you have a chance to spend time with him in his studio you will see that he is constantly moving.

David started his art career in modern dance and musical theater dancing with companies in North Carolina and Tennessee.  With almost 3 decades experience in dance, it's not a surprise that dance is a part of his visual arts practice today. David looks to his past to create works in the present. You'll see dancers in his shibori work and he insists that his clay and beaded vessels have the same presence as a dancer. David says, "When you are in the audience, you'll notice a performer that you can't stop watching. That person, that dancer, has a presence and they are captivating to watch to the point that you may feel you are dancing too." When you view David's work, you will find that these objects have a powerful presence and a strength in the way they occupy their space.

 Last year David's "Sand Dollar Buddha" was exhibited in the regional competition, Artfields, 2015. Over the past years he has exhibited his work through local and regional events. David is currently working towards several upcoming exhibit opportunities including a solo exhibition in Nashville TN for summer 2017.  You can follow his progress in these new opportunities on his Facebook page, David Heustess, Artist & Co. or here on the website under his workshop/events page. (He even has an Instagram account.)

Along with his studio practice, David has a passion for sharing art with others and is frequently teaching or demonstrating in the Nashville area as well as art centers in the USA. If you take one of his workshops, you'll have the opportunity to meet his constant companion, Hadley, a delightful and friendly Golden Retriever.